ESL Pro League CS:GO short review
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ESL is more than just a young organizer like Relog Media and Fun Spark. ESL is a giant among organizers, and awards from ESL are very prestigious. How and when did the history of ESL begin? When did our beloved IEM Katowice and ESL One Cologne appear? Dear readers, we will tell you all about the history of this company, which made it possible for us to compete in LAN tournaments on a huge scale.

ESL Pro League CS:GO

ESL (formerly Electronic Sports League, ESPL) is an international eSports organization. One of the most prominent esports organizations in the world was founded in 1997 by the German Clan League (DeCL) and is one of the oldest organizations hosting esports competitions between players worldwide. The legendary tournament organizer was born thanks to Turtle Ent.

The founders explained that the “Turtle” in the name of the company characterizes the firmness and strength of the company. At the very beginning, ESL was engaged in organizing tournaments and the authorship of gaming magazines. The organization’s ambitions were sky-high. They wanted to create a system of games worldwide with uniform rules.

When was the first ESL CS:GO?

In 2002, the first regional leash appeared under the name — ESL PRO SERIES. The following five years were a constant growth of the audience and new players. The company began to rise rapidly. Two critical questions arose: where to find a sponsor to implement big plans and how to broadcast matches to a broad audience?

In the mid-00s, ESL bought the Giga TV channel. ESL broadcasts current competitions on this TV channel. In 2005, such content looked good, but eSports has never been famous for being in demand among TV viewers. That leads us to think that such an experiment can be considered unsuccessful.

ESL Pro League CS:GO

ESL CS:GO Sponsorship

With this question, ESL did much better. Intel has become a strong ESL partner. In 2007, the legendary series of Intel Extreme Masters tournaments were created. In March 2007, the game’s first season was held, and the disciplines included only CS 1.6 and Warcraft 3. The prize money at that time was $200,000. Only in season 4 the list of fields change. Instead, the number of tournaments, events, and prize money grew.

In 2007, ESL did one thing that started to set them apart from the competition. That is its anti-cheat. This client worked right up to the early 20s. That was remembered for the very blocking of the s1mple player at the beginning of his career. At the recent Major, Alexander watched his old highlights. Alexander said he got a ban after ace with the AK-47 in an online tournament. He denies having cheated. What do you think? Could s1mple have seen it in the game files then?

ESL CS:GO series

In 2014, the Katowice tournament was the main tournament of the year’s first half. This tournament showed the whole world what a grand tournament with excellent organization is. ESL has finally become an example for all organizers. ESL ONE has arrived. A year later, ESL PRO LEAGUE appeared. In 2015, the tournament in Katowice was even brighter and more significant. Over 100,000 fans in the stands and over 1,000,000 viewers on the live stream. By 2022, ESL managed to hold 7 of 18 Majors, create the prestigious Intel Grand Slam award, and sign a new long-term contract with Intel.

ESL tournament operator

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