How to start investing in CS:GO
4 min readJan 19, 2023

Are you interested in purchasing CS:GO skins but unsure of where to begin? Now is a good time to invest in CS:GO. Why? In this article, you will learn everything that is currently happening with the CS:GO economy and how you can earn money.

CS:GO cases

Disclaimer: Remember that investing in skins is not always a good idea. If you want to support the game and you enjoy the skins, buy them. Additionally, you may exchange the skin for a new one if you get tired. Or you could purchase a new game and then sell the skin on Steam. Investments don’t always pay off!

Before you begin investing, you must first master certain fundamental concepts; otherwise, you will probably lose money and become a fraud victim. Therefore, we urge you to study this advice carefully. will go through the key points in this article that will show you how to begin making CS:GO investments.

What does the CS:GO case price depend on?

Their number and content determine the price of the boxes — the more boxes, the cheaper they cost. Accordingly, the price inevitably rises as soon as the boxes stop falling out. The most notable example comes from some early case series: Operation Bravo Case and CS:GO Weapon Case now cost $30 on average, but a year or two ago, they cost $9 or less.

Now the situation of that time, to demonstrate it visually, is difficult to trace — according to the eSports 2013 cases, which cost $0.05 by the end of 2013, the initial story disappeared from the Marketplace altogether. Given these dynamics and the simple rules of the Marketplace, which is essentially the Steam marketplace, users can easily earn money simply by tracking the price dynamics of cases. As soon as the price reaches the minimum, you slowly buy boxes.

Dozens of players have noticed that the price of cases is rapidly falling. The price drops the most for cases often given to players after the match. It is optional to explain to you why this happens. If you still need help understanding, I’ll give you the basics. Ordinary players open cases; rich people open possibilities as soon as they appear, and the rest open other instances. The more people buy these cases and open them, the lower the price of these cases falls. Price and demand work together in all economic areas.

CS:GO investments cases

What’s happening with active drop cases?

You will say, “There are cases from the active drop that are increasing in value”. That is true. You can create massive theories around each case, but all this can be explained from the economic side. Fracture Case, Prisma Case, and Clutch Case are growing in price. During huge tournaments, cases are poor demand, and everyone tries to sell them. After that, the price rises and towards the end of the year it will fall again.

It’s always possible to invest in cases from an operation but only buy them during big price drops. These cases never lose relevance, and their price will always rise and fall.

Souvenir collections are also always in demand. The price of the Dust 2 collection has increased a lot now. That is because Dust 2 was recently removed from the official map pool. This collection has confidently and steadily established itself in the CS:GO market.

CS:GO cases

Should we expect a discount for Major Rio 2022?

Multiple players wanted to invest during the last Major, including us. Now nothing is known. We know the collections can be exchanged until December 15, but what will happen before this date is still being determined. One can only expect that the prices for capsules of this major can rise sharply.

Now the market is quiet. People resell, invest, and buy. Everything is so quiet because the whole market will go down if a new operation comes out. It would help if you were ready for this. Refrain from making risky purchases now; invest only in proven old cases and collections.

It’s never too late to start investing in collection items, but not all of them. It is worth buying only collectibles older than The Canals Collection because all newer collections need to show growth.

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