HUNDEN vs. Heroic: has he got rid of the ban
3 min readJan 18, 2023

Do you remember Hunden? He was the first person to get banned for using a coaching bug, and then he got banned again for leaking strategies. And so Nikolai was signed by Astralis — in the new season he will become the main analyst for the Danish squad.


The news about the ban removal from HUNDEN surprised everyone. Where did the lousy reputation go? Do you approve of this decision of the court? It has been a long time since the case was closed, so this decision is of interest. This person has been suspended from the game for 15 months, so such a harsh statement looks strange. prepared an article about how HUNDEN got rid of the ban ahead of schedule.

Why did HUNDEN get ban?

Nicolai HUNDEN Petersen is an inactive Danish professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive coach and a retired professional Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Counter-Strike: Source player. In September 2020, HUNDEN received a 12-month ban from all ESIC member events starting August 31, 2020, for exploiting a spectating coach bug. His ban was later reduced to 8 months for help finding the bug.

Do you remember the conflict associated with the dissemination of confidential information? In mid-2021, former Heroic CS:GO roster coach Nikolai HUNDEN Petersen will receive a two-year ban for distributing personal information about the team. On July 29, Heroic announced the end of cooperation with HUNDEN — representatives of the club said that Petersen passed confidential information about the team’s tactics to competitors after he was suspended from work at IEM Cologne 2021.

The investigation revealed that HUNDEN shared confidential information from their strategy folder with a top member of the competitor’s team before the tournament. That was done without the knowledge of anyone at Heroic and was not approved. On the fact of what happened in Denmark, a trial was held.


HUNDEN ban removal CS:GO

The player involved lawyers to drop the charges, eventually leading to direct negotiations between the parties, resulting in a specific agreement. In their press release, ESIC was rather vague that the parties did not agree on several issues but agreed that fair play is vital for the prosperity of eSports. As a result, HUNDEN⁠ promised to receive trainings, and ESIC vowed to look into the issues of disqualifications in more detail and reconsider their approach to the matter.

The coach also thanked his lawyers, who seemed to be able to bend ESIC and force the latter to back down and change their most severe sentence. Now Nikolai Peterson can participate in any eSports events in any capacity without restrictions.


Astralis hired HUNDEN CS:GO

Many analysts, players, and viewers reacted negatively to this news. Many believe that HUNDEN has an already vilified reputation. This player still personifies that big scandal. Many famous personalities, experts, and others have openly criticized him, so it will take work to deal with this.

One of the likely organizations where HUNDEN will go is Astralis. The organization has previously stated that it does not see any problem in taking this player to the robot after the expiration of his ban. And now, on January 5, Hunden moves to Astralis to the role of a chief analyst. He still cannot be the team’s coach because the ban from Valve is valid until the second major in 2023.

In general, HUNDEN has excellent potential and future in CS:GO. He has great potential and knows how to use them to realize success. How do you feel about the early removal of restrictions from this player? Do you believe in HUNDEN’s innocence? Share your experience with Subscribe and follow the latest eSports news!