Jame CS:GO profile: big ambitions behind hidden emotions

4 min readJan 18, 2023

One of the top AWPERs in the CIS CS:GO scene. The Master of Saves — Dzhami Ali, champion of IEM Rio Major 2022. What does the biography of a player with inhuman patience hide? In this article, Cyber-sport.io has prepared the story of the captain of OUTSIDERS — Jame.


Dzhami was born in 1998 in the north Russian city — Novorossiysk. Jame met CS at the age of 5. Later, he bought a laptop, where he began spending most of his free time. At the same time, Jame thought about his future and spent a lot of time studying. His parents disapproved of the boy’s hobby in the form of computer games, but he studied well and went in for sports, so they allowed him this hobby. Jame started playing CS:GO in 2013. Despite the high ping, the player showed excellent results. He practiced frequently and devoted a lot of time to the tournament side of the game.

Jame CS:GO

When did Jame start to play professional CS:GO?

The first team in his life was Hala Ares, whom he joined in 2017. The guys sometimes got into the HLTV rating, and participated in many qualifying tournaments, but they were relatively weak players. After his ally was VAC-banned for SkinChanger, Jame received an invitation from AVANGAR. It was the time when Jame studied at the university. That was why mom discouraged Jame from signing a contract with a new organization.

On August 9, 2017, Jame officially joined the AVANGAR team. For him, it was a significant event in his life because he began to play against HLTV teams constantly. In this team, Jame got a stable salary. AVANGAR was his “second” family. The director treated the players like his “children”. The game sense of CS:GO was distinct for Jame. He wanted to create a new game style for this team. However, the squad preferred to play based more on skill. That caused quarrels and conflicts. Half a year later, AVANGAR kicked Jame out.


Jame and AVANGAR troubles

Jame went through a lot of stress after this situation. He left the university, gave all his free time to the team, and was abandoned. The fact is that he was kicked out of the team during the exams. Jame had a chance to go back to university. If he tried hard, he would have the opportunity to continue his studies. Instead, Jame decided to leave the university and devote his entire life to the game. He set a goal for himself — to show past allies that they had made a colossal mistake. This plan worked. When AVANGAR needed a stand-in, they “summoned” Jame, and he tried hard to show how he improved his CS:GO skill. A month later, Jame returned to his place in AVANGAR. The team began to slowly but steadily develop and move to success.


When did Jame get his first victory at Major?

When the team went to the Major in August 2019, no one knew that it would end up in history. The players successfully left their groups by defeating Team Liquid. At the Play-Off stage, they defeated Vitality. They made it to the grand final. Unfortunately, AVANGAR lost against Astralis in the final, but their 2nd place at the Major thundered worldwide. Everyone was shocked and did not know what to expect from this team.

Saying goodbye to AVANGAR was an emotionally challenging but necessary decision. At the end of 2019, the entire AVANGAR roster moved to Virtus.pro, where they began to conquer new tournaments. In 2022, Jame became the Major champion and showed the world the result of his patience and diligence.

Jame was the best in this tournament in many metrics, including K/D difference (+98), deaths per round (0.46), AWP kills (168) and average AWP kills per round (0.54). In the tournament’s final, the esportsman maintained his consistency by playing the match against Heroic with a rating of 1.24. He also finished in the top five in several other categories, including kills per round (0.78), 1vsX clutches won (7), damage differential per round (+20.7), and rounds with 1+ kill (52.5%).

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