The most scandalous CS:GO matches
4 min readJan 19, 2023


Scandals, intrigues, investigations — that’s what attracts your attention. The previous year has been a difficult one for professional CS:GO as several scandals and exploits have revealed one after another, disqualifying a large number of players and coaches. Let’s quickly review some of the biggest scandals to affect the Counter-Strike competitive scene this year.

There will be no old well-known scandals such as olofmeister boost, fake matches from iBUYPOWER, etc. Today you will discover games that ended in serious conflicts. This article will describe three matches that caused a storm of emotions in the entire community and the consequences of this.

NaVi-forZe postponed match

Half an hour before the start of the match as part of the IEM New York RMR tournament, a NaVi Perfecto player tested positive for coronavirus. According to the tournament rules, the match’s postponement is possible only if both teams agree, but the players and the forZe manager found out about this only half an hour before the start of the match. Negative comments began to appear on the network between members of opposing teams. The organizers decided to keep their opinion on this private.

The tournament rules provide three options for solving such a situation: technical defeat, substitution, and postponement of the match with the consent of both teams. An hour later, Ilya was seen on retake servers, leading to negativity from the audience and players. The whole situation underlined the guilt of the tournament organizer, as Navi was warned about the health problem of Ilya of, the tournament operator, and the organization did not tell forZe about it. What do you think about the organizer’s decision? Is it fair? Who’s to blame for this?

Perfecto NaVi CS:GO

ScreaM CS:GO server scandal

Epsilon vs GPlay match. This rivalry made a lot of noise in the entire CS:GO community. The player of the French team decided to rejoin the server during the game. It was ScreaM. While the Belgian was connecting to the server, it was written in the chat that ScreaM received a VAC Ban. Have you seen this match? Tell us what emotions you experienced then.

In a couple of minutes, the entire Twitter was in messages about this situation. It turned out that it was just a joke from the server admin. That is what the admin himself wrote after this situation:

This has already happened, and I can not influence this event in any way. Although I’m glad that most people find it funny, I’m glad I made them laugh. I didn’t want to cause any hatred for FaceIT, and I understand they have no choice but to fire me

ScreaM CS:GO

BIG-FaZe abusing jump bug

As part of the PGL Major Krakow group stage, the German team BIG met at Inferno against the tournament favorite — FaZe. Before this match, BIG was in 17th place in the hltv rankings, and FaZe was in second place. The Germans began to play for the attacking side and won the first half of the game with a minimal margin. For the defense side, BIG started to use the jump bug actively. That allows the player to make a jump and remain invisible to the opponent. With the help of this bug, the Germans won this match.

This victory caused a strong reaction from the community. There were long discussions between viewers, analysts, and players about whether this was fair. The situation became so serious that Valve brought all the teams together to discuss dealing with such abuse. The problem was that the rules of the championship in no way prohibited the use of such bugs. All groups decided at the level of agreement that no one would use such a bug to preserve the fair play culture. Are you using this bug? How do you feel about various bugs within the championships?

Tell us about your experience as a viewer of such moments. Are there jokes and bugs in the championships? Are you always trying to understand the two sides of an argument? You can write your thoughts in the comments or leave them on social networks. Share your experience with Subscribe and follow the latest eSports news!