TOP-10 legendary “ninja” defuse in CS:GO
4 min readJan 18, 2023

Is NaVi “Gods of ninja defuse”? Is Krimz invisible? Should the Faze Clan work on their concentration? All of this is covered in our list of the best ninja defuse techniques today.

For those who are unaware, ninja defuse is a method of bomb disarming that requires extraordinary stealth. Numerous videos exist of ninja defuses used in official matches, and some of them will give you chills. Ninja defuse is a very situational move. Thus you should be able to determine when it is appropriate to utilize it in place of a standard retake or save. team has made a selection of unbelievable bomb clearances performed by famous players and squads. So, enjoy it.

Number 10 — Faze Clan vs. NaVi

Confrontation of these constant rivals this time held on the map Nuke. Ukrainians won 15:11 for the side of the defense, respectively, this was a match point. Boomlb4 was left alone against three opponents, which are: olofmeister, rain, Twistzz. The bomb was placed on the A-side, and only olofmeister guarded it, and NaVi captain handled it easily and just sat down to defuse the bomb. As you have understood, he succeeded and thus brought the team victory on the map.

Number 9 — Complexity vs. NaVi

NaVi again, but this time on Inferno. The round was 4 vs 3, but b1t and electronic decided to save because the bomb was on the other side of the map. However, S1mple decided to try to defuse it, which wasn’t exactly what his opponents expected. Alexander waited until the opposing team left the point and, without wasting time, began to defuse the bomb. When Complexity heard that S1mple was still in the game, it was too late because the Ukrainians won that round.

Number 8 — Faze Clan vs. Team Vitality

Nuke map, the score is 15–15. Shox and crew played on the defensive side, and that round seemed like they would lose. ApEX, 2 vs 4, ran to save, but Shox decided he could try to take the round in his team’s account. He waited for the opponents to spread out, made a quick run in, and started defusing. An incredibly frustrating match for the Faze Clan, as they were only a fraction of a second away from winning.

Number 7 — Extremum vs. ex-Winstrike

Map Dust 2, Extremum has only one player left on defense, the bomb is placed on point B. Gratisfaction has hidden in the smoke near the gates, and no ex-Winstrike player went to check it there. After that, he waited until everyone left the site and quietly cleared the bomb, after which he could also kill the opponent. The terrible play of the ex-Winstrike team led to such a disgraceful round on their part and a legendary moment.

Number 6 — Fnatic vs. NIP

IEM Sydney 2019 Quarterfinals. NIP got a better position for the attack side 7–4, which gave them a reason to relax, leading to a failed round. A mass shootout on point A that left one JW against three Nip players. But the player decided just brazenly to sit under the smoke to defuse a bomb. Lekr0 and Get_RiGht heard it and began to shoot him, but luck was on the side of the team Fnatic, Jw managed to survive and demine the bomb.

Number 5 — Fnatic vs. TSM

Map Mirage. American squad at this match were obvious outsiders, nothing was expected of them, and here the moment occurred at the score 12–1 in favor of the team Fnatic. Krimz left alone on the CT side, went around the player in the ladder room, and walked straight up to the bomb and defused it. This was the final point in this map, Fnatic not only won the opponents but also left a mocking moment in the history of CS:GO eSports.

Number 4 — EnVyUs vs. MOUZ

Team ScreaMy was losing on the map Train for the Defense (10–14). Round 25 was very hot and rich for rifles. Mousesports was able to mine a pack, but they could not hear as Happy1 set in the smoke next to the plant and defused the bomb. It was very unexpected for both teams and the audience.

Number 3 — Cloud9 vs. Astralis

All the same Train, but now the plant B. Cloud9 wins 14:6 for the defense side. Tarik stayed alone against four opponents, and Astralis believes they have killed everyone on the plant. think they killed everyone on the plant. But it’s not that simple, the Cloud9 player stayed in smoke and started to clear the bomb, Kjaerbye started to shoot him, but he didn’t have a second to kill him. Thus, Tarik wins the round and puts this moment into the CS:GO Hall of Fame.

Number 2 — Avangar vs. MOUZ

Current major champions Jame and qikert played for Avangar. Mirage map and Avangar played for the defense side. Exactly qikert on the first pistol round, decided on this ninja defuse because he equipped defuse kits. The player walked into the smoke, and his three rivals could not find it. As a result, the first round took away Jame and company.

Number 1 — forZe vs. NaVi

Ukrainians play matchpoint on Nuke again, only this time against Fl1t`s team. The score was 13:15, and s1mple with AWP went to take the last round and win the map. On the A plant, there were two opponents, and it seemed that it would be impossible to take this round. But Alexander kills one and immediately sits to clear the defuse kits, Jerry hears it, but does not shoot. It was the moment after which forZe lost the game.

That’s what turned out to be the top of ninja defuse moments. Transmit your impressions on our social networks (Facebook, Twitter) and write what moments are missing in the comments. Share your experience with Subscribe and follow the latest eSports news!